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Thread: ZTE Majesty Space & default multimedia problems

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    ZTE Majesty Space & default multimedia problems

    I have had my ZTE Majesty for less than a month now. Initially really nice, battery life is so so, reception Ok as well. A week ago I could no longer listen to my podcast w/ default browser-noxsolutions-or Googleplay. Will not load. Then discovered YouTube will not play videos & its already telling me my space is low. I barely have any pics, no game apps, no social web or media apps. I've cleared cache & am now lost on what to do for both problems. Don't feel like calling Straight Talk tech support. Thought maybe the forum would help

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    Go to settings > apps then sort apps by size using the menu in upper right corner.

    Look to see if any of the apps have stored a lot of info. In the past I've had problems with Zino and Dolphin having gigs of stuff stashed in data and cache. If so click on clear data/clear cache as needed. There are apps that will clear the cache on all the apps but I'd not do that until you were sure that's your problem. I had an Acer A500 that had a GPS bug that resulted in it never eraseing it's data old and ended up consuming all the space in the operating system partition. The tablet never told me that was the problem just that I had no space left, I had plenty of space in the app partition. Had to do a factory reset to clear it all and eventually rooted it so I could just go into the folder and erase the offending files.

    Follow the advice given above and remember that Google is your friend.

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