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Thread: Stuck in Airplane Mode F08D

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    Stuck in Airplane Mode F08D

    Hi everyone,

    I have an F-08D. It was put on airplane mode and seems to be stuck there. The icon is grayed out and not available to select. I've tried resetting the phone (erase all memory and reboot), pulling out the battery, etc. I bought this from Kyoex a while ago, but am unsure as to how to proceed.


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    Turn off the phone, remove the SIM card, then reboot without the SIM. Try to disable airplane mode after the phone is fully booted. If it can't be disabled, turn off the phone, insert your SIM, boot and try again. Hope it works!

    If this fails, I'm afraid the phone will need to be taken to a Docomo shop. I found a couple of posts in Japanese of people complaining about the same problem, and these are the options they had.

    PS. Reading about this issue, I just discovered that Docomo phones (and maybe not just they) can connect to wi-fi and use the internet even when airplane mode is on (as long as your router isn't a Logitec)! News to me
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