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Thread: Monthly plan - expire date - inclusive or exclusive?

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    Monthly plan - expire date - inclusive or exclusive?

    My monthly plan shows as Expires: 1/6/2014. So far I have been auto renewing so I never paid attention. But now that I am ending the monthly plan, I want to know if the expire date means my monthly plan minutes and data are available through 1/6 (Monday) and end 11:59pm on Monday 1/6 (expire date inclusive) or if my month ends 11:59pm on Sunday (1/5) night - that is, as soon as 1/6 rolls in?

    I need to turn off data usage and since I have plenty left it would nice to get the last day of usage. Technically I could turn off the data tonight and make a phone call on Monday morning to see if I am reported as still within my monthly plan or if my monthly plan has ended. If the former, I can turn the data back on for another day. But I thought someone here would know this for sure. I could not find anything on searching. Sorry if this is a repeat.

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    Your month ends on January 6th. Your next month begins sometime after midnight on January 7th.

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