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Thread: What would be the best cellphone company in US?

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    I have consumer celluar and it fits me just great and I get as many or little minutes for talk and when I call my partner it is free and I have data which I use when there is not wifi and I have alot of text messages if I need it and the best thing, I pay no more than 30 to 40.00 per month and their was no activation fee and I change my plan to go up or down and it is great cause I change it back to the start of the bill cycle....see if you can do that with ATT or Sprint or Verizon or even T mobile and customer is top notch in my eyes.

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    My first cellphone was Alltel and they got bought out by verizon , verizon is the only carrier that works in my house, $30 a month for the phone seems reasonable but I'm paying $10 a GB for data so that gets expensive. One of my brothers was on Sprint for years because that was the only carrier that worked reliably at his house, last year he moved and switched to verizon on his company plan, says he notices almost no difference in talk coverage but data is much better with verizon.
    Put my mom on Selectel which uses the verizon network, $75 a year 2000 minutes and 2000 text, I really like the only pay once a year part ! for a low use user I think it's an excellent choice, I suspect Selectel is going to do very well.

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    I vote for Selectel Wireless too! Great plans for just about anybody. Best network in the US (Verizon) for LESS. Roaming for voice and text in the US included for FREE. US based support. They are small but growing and GREAT!

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    Verizon is best choice

    Verizon is the best for me suits me well

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