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Thread: Want to go back to sprint.

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    Want to go back to sprint.

    I have a iPhone 4S. It's originally a sprint iPhone but I am now using it under a different company. I want to switch back to sprint tomorrow. Am I still able to do so? It still says sprint in the settings.

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    Are you sure???? Sprint is the worse company EVER... Suggestion... Don't do that again

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    If you want to join Sprint come back under my Framily Plan. Group ID is K00724532hG and the last 4 telephone number is 2423.

    Want to pay $25 a month for unlimited phone, text and 1GB data?

    I need 3 more friends to receive $25 per line. We all will share the savings but nothing else. You receive separate bills, No annual service contract, No early termination fees and if I don't pay my bill your phone lines are not affected. You can keep your current phone number. You also can pay for additional data - $10 3GB or $20 unlimited data.

    Sprint is offering $200 Visa Card and up to $300 with Sprint Buyback Program to each eligible line that is transferred. Offer expires April 10, 2014.

    To find out more about the plan you can visit a Sprint Store.

    To join in on the SAVINGS you must go to a Sprint Store and provide them with this
    Group ID (K00724532hG). Group ID is case sensitive. You may need the last 4-digits of my telephone number 2423.

    You can call me Jacki 703-477-2423


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    If you are considering joining Sprint or have joined Sprint in the last 14 days, you can join my account. I have 2 lines in my framily, and several friends are planning to join my framily this weekend. I am a long time Sprint Customer, and am aggressively pursuing new framily members, so I expect to fill up soon.
    My Framily ID is#L01365159Ym
    Last 4 Digits of Phone # 1721
    I would love to have you join my framily!

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