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Thread: New MiFi 5510L - Windows 7 Can't find Driver?

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    New MiFi 5510L - Windows 7 Can't find Driver?

    I'm trying to set up a MiFi 5510L LTE hotspot for USB Tethering on Windows 7 Professional. The device does not appear in Network Adapters. The device is configured for USB-over-Ethernet and connected via USB, but appears in Device Manager with four "Driver Not Installed" warnings -- "CDC Ethernet Control Model (ECM)," "CDC Serial," "MiFi 5510" and "MiFi 5510" (two identical -- no idea what's going on with that). I've previously had two other 5510s connected to this machine (one was on a prepaid plan, and was replaced by a regular contract device; that one died over the weekend and Verizon sent us a new one). The 5510 is connected to VZW and is sharing access as a WiFi device, but for maximum connection robustness, we'd like to get it working as a tethered device.

    We've tried downloading the WindowsXP drivers from the device itself. Didn't work of course (win7 vs. winxp). I'm stumped, since we've had this exact configuration running before.

    Any ideas?

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    old thread but bumping cuz i have the same problem. need drivers for windows 10 for novatel 5510

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