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Thread: Need help to transfer unlimited data from one line to another on Verizon

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    Need help to transfer unlimited data from one line to another on Verizon

    Hopefully this can be done. I need to transfer an unlimited data number from one account to another. Bare with me for a moment and I will explain the exact conditions I am trying to meet:

    (1)Have a family member with a Verizon account that currently has a smartphone with unlimited data. The phone is a 3g device so I will 1st need to get a 4g sim to activate one of my old 4g phones I will be giving to said family member.

    (2)I have a seperate accout with a Nationwide family share plan. We have 4 lines on this plan. MY phone has unlimited data, but my GFs phone does not. I am trying to get the unlimited from my other family members account onto my account.

    From my research this is what I understand that I need to do in order to make it happen:
    Change phone number on account (1)
    Port the removed phone number from account (1) to say GoogleVoice
    Transfer that number/line to my account (2) [keeping the unlimited data with it]
    Port my GFs number out of my account (2) to the line transfer in to my accout [the one with the unlimited data]
    Family member can then create a new share plan (1) where both people on that plan can share mins and data
    Once account (1) is on a new plan, port the old number back in

    Only issue I am seeing here is that I may not be able to get the unlimited back onto my accounts (2) family share plan, thus making it a separate line needing its own mins and data. Unless there is a way around this that I have yet to discover. Ideally I would like to have both MY phone w/unlt'd and GFs phone w/unlt'd on the existing share plan.
    Can I skip porting the phone numbers to GoogleVoice and port them elsewhere? To my understanding porting to GV then requires you to pay $20 to be able to port that number out again.
    I already have 2 GV acconts and numbers and my GF has 1. I will even port them to another provider if necessary (got a few old phones laying around I could flash to Cricket or something).

    Any input is greatly appreciated. THANKS!

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    I would think it would save $40 in porting fees if you just ported the GF # to the Family members UL line first. Then after that process is complete (24 hours) then do the AOL to get the Family members UL line on your account.

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    Wouldnt porting the GF # to the UL line delete the unlimited? To my understanding the only way to change the number on the UL would be to just change it to a random number cause "features" follow the tele#. Correct me if im wrong.

    So is my assumption correct in that we cannot get the UL back onto the family plan? It must remain its own tele line?

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