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Thread: Huawei H210C review

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    Huawei H210C review

    I have been using my H210c for 2 days now. Thought I'd share some first impressions and do a small review.

    The phone is a 3G device on Verizon. I was surprised to learn that it is 3G. There were some different system recordings when doing the activation process and placing a test call. The firmware on this phone reminds me a lot of the ZTE Z431 on gophone that I tried over a year ago. BTW, online activation died midstream and I had to call Miami to finish my port/activation. Thankfully I got a lady who new what she was doing.

    Physically I think it is an attractive phone. I like the chrome accents that frame the screen and keypad. I swear Huawei did their best to copy Blackberry! I found the phone to be not too heavy, not too flimsy. It is a little thicker than a lot of phones but, to me, has a good palm feel. The screen has pretty good resolution and saturation. The keyboard, my main attraction, is fairly large. I would have to say the keys are a little stiff though.

    Pros are: ok keyboard, nice screen, loud ringers, bluetooth transfer of ringtones and wallpapers, 3G data, email w/auto retrieve, free 3.5mm headset included.

    Cons are: low call volume (both on speaker phone & earpiece), no missed alert notification at all, very weak vibration, firmware.

    I gotta say one of the biggest drawbacks to this phone is no LED notification or repeat ringing. Just about every other phone I've used would repeat at certain intervals to let you know that you had a text or missed call. Not so with the 210c. I constantly feel the need to check my phone for this. Like when I leave the room and come back five minutes later.

    I was also disappointed in how low the in-call volume was. It was surprising too, because the ringtones are quite loud. I tried my gmail and it worked fine. You can set it check for new email a regular intervals or once a day, etc.

    I thought the text entry was a little cumbersome. It has word prediction but you have scroll to choose your word, hit OK, then hit the space bar. Seemed like it should insert insert the space automatically. I would say this phone is a step above the Moto EX431g but below the S380c. Because of the missed alert problem and the low volume I will be returning my 210c for something else. Probably end up going back to a smart phone of some sort but I am stuck for a few more weeks on the $30 plan.

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    Assuming you purchased the phone at Walmart, they have a 15 day return policy on cell phones, so if it doesn't satisfy you, I wouldn't wait very long.

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    Angry WalMart's 15 Day Return Policy

    Quote Originally Posted by dougeeebear View Post
    Assuming you purchased the phone at Walmart, they have a 15 day return policy on cell phones, so if it doesn't satisfy you, I wouldn't wait very long.
    Ohhhh man! It has to be with a receipt even if it IS within the 15 days. I was given this phone and was really hoping to take it in and pay the difference between IT and the one I'd really wanted............... it was still sealed in the packaging, but it did not matter to them! I hope I didn't make this too big - it doesn't show any bigger on my screen. If I did, please forgive me!

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