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Thread: Videotron Breaks 500,000 Subs

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    Videotron Breaks 500,000 Subs

    Videotron announced a significant milestone today. The fiercely competative Quebec-based carrier declared they now have 500,000 wireless subscribers on its 4G network, up from 478,000 in Q3 2013. This means the company had a very successful holiday season.

    Manon Brouillette, Videotron’s President and COO, said, “For three years, Vidéotron pushes the boundaries to offer more to its customers and offer the best experience possible. With the strength of our mobile network, 500,000 residential and business customers have a product on the cutting edge of technology and whose full potential has yet to develop. The future looks very promising for our mobile services while our teams are full of innovative ideas and projects.”

    Quebecor, Videotron’s parent-company, invested $554.4 million in the 2008 AWS spectrum auction to acquire frequencies in Ontario and Quebec. The 500,000 subscribers is a respectable number considering Videtron’s core focus is Quebec. However, comparing to larger carriers — like Rogers, Bell and TELUS — who have millions of subscribers, the results are relatively small.

    As Brouillette stated: “The future looks very promising.” The company is also bidding in the current 700 MHz spectrum auction and reportedly made a $200 million bid for Mobilicity’s spectrum and 175,000 subscribers.
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    Yea, I have an s3 with videotron, on a $39. plan that meets all my needs.
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