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Thread: Best Android Smart Phone Launches in 2014

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    Best Android Smart Phone Launches in 2014

    I am looking to buy a android phone. Can you suggest best one launches in 2014.

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    They are all going to be quite good TBH.

    Galaxy S5
    HTC M8
    LG G Pro 2
    LG G3
    Sony Xperia Z1S
    Xperia Z2 etc...

    These phones I've listed may launch in just a few weeks time except the Xperia Z1S which is already available on T Mobile.
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    Marques Brownlee made some videos about what to expect from the Galaxy S5 and the HTC M8 (internal codename for the successor to the HTC One).

    One minor thing I'd add to the video about the Galaxy S5 is that I also expect MicroUSB 3.0 like the Note 3 has. It's backwards compatible with MicroUSB 2.0 but it adds a few more pins to the connector.

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