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Thread: Virgin Mobile Email being Decommissioned in March - Anyone else get this txt message?

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    Virgin Mobile Email being Decommissioned in March - Anyone else get this txt message?

    Hi everyone, I am a long time user of Virgin Mobile payLo. On Valentine's Day I received a VM text saying the Email service that comes baked into the payLo phones was no longer going to work after March. Here is the msg I received:

    From: 8682
    Sent: Fri, Feb 14 14 2:39pm
    Msg: VMFreeMsg:

    Virgin Mobile Email will not be available after 3/31/14. Set up email access through other applications. You can still access other email accounts from your mobile phone's Web browser by using the same website addresses you would normally use to access email from your computer. Please note that you will need data service to use these alternative email options. If your current phone plan does not have data, you will need to purchase a data plan.

    Thanks for using Virgin Mobile's Email service. We're sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

    Did anyone else on payLo get this msg and think this is a terrible idea? I have tried to contact VM every which way (website, respond to txt msg, twitter, calling *86) to let them know I strongly disapprove. I personally rely on the Email App to check my mail throughout the day. payLo phones run the proprietary Virgin OS and not Android, therefore we cannot download another Email app from Google Play like a Beyond Talk phone could.

    I have tried using the web browser to check email like they suggested, but the slow phone processor, slow 3G mobile web and lack of touchscreen is all working against this. I personally will be leaving payLo if they go ahead and terminate Email service on these plans. If anyone else is on board with me, please reach out to Virgin Mobile and let them know how critical the Email app is. Maybe if enough of us give feedback, they will change their minds.

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    I admit that I do not know anything about PayLo phones but I did have a few Boost feature phones without a data plan and used Opera Mini to access my email and websites on the Boost feature phones.
    Opera Mini worked on the Juno, the Incognito and the Innuendo without a data plan and I was able to get my email without problems.
    Yes it was kind of slow but this was at a time when we didn't have internet at home so it was the best option.
    I don't know if you can download Opera Mini on your phone but if you can maybe that will work for you to be able to access your email after Virgin Mobile cuts off that service.

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    Also I never paid the daily data access fee with Boost. But was able to use Opera Mini without problems.
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