Howdy. It looks like there was a glitch today with prepaid PC Mobile. Sometime this morning, I lost data access (using my grandfathered $5/month unlimited data). It redirected me to a page asking me to sign up for data.

Today is also the day to charge for my data plan. Around noon, I got the confirmation text saying that the charge was successful. A while after that, trying to use a Web browser went to a different page that said that the session had expired, and to restart my device! I did, and now all is well.

My guess is that something changed with the computers behind the scenes, and either someone got some deadlines mixed up (ahead by a few hours), or missed some older plan codes. Hopefully no one else will experience this on their next billing day. If so, just wait, restart your device, and things may soon be right again without a need to call a CSR.