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Thread: LG840 Browser?

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    LG840 Browser?

    While trying to subscribe to some web sights I keep receiving error messages that tell me that I have "javascript" disabled on my browser. I don't believe that I disabled anything in the settings. Is there a way to enable javascript or do I need another browser?
    If another browser is needed what do you recommend? I would need something not overly complicated as I am not a technophobe.
    Also I receive messages that the web sight is to large for my device and I should open the mobile sight. How do I open the mobile sight if one is available?

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    If you are using the phone's native web browser, you might try installing another web browser for a better internet experience with this phone. Two popular ones are: UC browser and Opera mini. Links to install these are at:

    UC browser:

    Opera mini:

    I use UC version 9.4, and Opera ver. 4.5, but you can try whatever versions you want, either way, I think you will find they are better than the Tracfone native browser.

    Once you have an alternate web browser installed on the phone, you then start that web browser by going to Games & Apps, and then select the browser from there (after it is installed).

    Ask back here if you have any issues with installing.

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