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Thread: Eastlink coverage map

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    Eastlink coverage map

    We have added some new features for free users of our celltower coverage map:

    • Colour coded icons
    • More zoom levels
    • More filters
    • More cell tower / site details
    • Geolocation (more details here)

    Also subscribers have access to ATS/LTS coordinates, mobile app, advanced antenna details and much more. Is it worth it? Ask Eastlink -- they are one of our many customers!

    Loxcel Geomatics works in RF / Spectrum Management. We provide online services and detailed analysis related to Canada & Australia's Cellular & Fixed Wireless networks, in areas of: efficient access, capacity, growth & distribution.

    Our Canada and Australia Cellular Services provides country-wide coverage of all cellular and fixed wireless sites • Antenna & radio technical information • Fresnel zone / Signal interference analysis • Google Earth integration • Mobile app • And Much More!

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    Here's an updated Eastlink coverage map for today, 22-Sep-2014:

    Each one of the 264 Eastlink sites appears as a little "cell tower" icon. A pale purple icon is an Eastlink-only site; a grey icon is a co-location site that Eastlink shares with another carrier.

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