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Thread: Verizon Wireless Indirect Location Business Plan

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    Question Verizon Wireless Indirect Location Business Plan

    Good afternoon everybody,

    I'm a long time lurker here; I've finally made it to "newbie" status. I'm opening up a new Verizon store in the near future and they want me to send in a business plan. I need something that looks presentable enough for them. If you have one that you are willing to send me, please PM me, I'll change the info to present my store. Alternatively, if you know somebody who can put a solid business plan together for me, please let me know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by teclover View Post
    Good afternoon everybody,

    I'm a long time lurker here; I've finally made it to "newbie" status. I'm opening up a new Verizon store in the near future and they want me to send in a business plan. I need something that looks presentable enough for them. If you have one that you are willing to send me, please PM me, I'll change the info to present my store. Alternatively, if you know somebody who can put a solid business plan together for me, please let me know.

    Odd, I haven't seen new distribution in ages.

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    I agree. Good luck. If you're a single location it won't be easy. Shoot for at least 50 new lines per month and tell them what you will do to get there with a ramp up period basically. Give advertising plans and details of everything. Focus on core products like Home Fusion, Home Phone Connect, tablets and so on.

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    I would stress you want to diversify right from the start into other product categories, not that you want to write that into your biz plan for them. But you must write it into your own! Being a captive subcontractor is not an easy thing, but it can be done. Good luck!

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    Subject: Fw: Verizon Wireless Arizona Leadership

    Hello Wall Street Journal

    Thanks for reading my story

    No never had any complaints or issues with authorities or ever with Verizon.

    When they told me they were not renewing my contract a month after opening a new store at Ina and Oracle that I spent almost $100,000 on I asked them why ?

    Did we do something wrong no “you have been a very good agent we are just going in another direction and only going with the big guys”

    We were in my eyes and our Verizon account managers the perfect agent for Verizon. I would say you would get that same feedback from our customers.

    Our strategy was always to provide the best customer experience better than you would ever get at a Verizon Corporate Store. AND WE DID !

    Our business was solid we always paid our bills and we were making big dollars. I even got a call from Gino our Director before Shane Schwab and he said he had a strange question “ can I ask you why do you always pay your equipment account on time” I sad WHAT ! I watch it every day even when I am on vacation ! this is how we run our business. I am guessing he had agents in Phoenix and other areas who were behind on payments.

    This was my business that I started out of the back of my truck ! this was my livelihood for 11 years and I expected to be doing this for at least 15 years and maybe pass it on to my son.

    Its hard to believe but I even felt that I bled Verizon red, we were so dedicated to Verizon. We would open stores when they asked us to go to Yuma, Safford and even Speedway and Silverbell which was a nightmare with break ins.

    This new leadership team in Phoenix is out of control and I would bet you would get similar feedback from some of their direct employees, ie: Noel Messenger, William Anderson, Tammy Woodson, Derrick Newberry and many others. I am sure we would have many customers coming forward to support us on how we ran a great local business and kept our money in Arizona.

    I have spent 27 years in the wireless industry both at the corporate level 16 years management and 11 years in my own business exclusively for Verizon Wireless.

    I had a similar position that Shane Schwab has with Verizon it was with AirTouch Cellular who became Verizon and I can tell you we would never blow up an agent that was doing 600-900 per month in activations and upgrades.

    What they have done to me and my family is criminal ! Verizon should not be able to destroy someone's livelihood because they want to !!

    This has not only devastating on me personally but my family as well. I have a beautiful wife and a 7 year old son that Verizon has changed their life !!

    Thanks for your time and if you need to reach me I am at 520-404-0444

    Brian Mitchell

    At this time do to expensive legal cost I Know Wireless will not be pursuing a lawsuit for fraud, collusion and conspiracy against Verizon Wireless and it's so called Leadership Team. Shane Schwab, Andres Irlando, Jeff Nordin, Gino Dovico, Tina Walton and Little Greg Haller.
    How the DOJ and FCC has allowed Verizon Wireless to bully and use their size and power to harm the small guy is unbelievable. They should be monitoring these large Telco's more closely.

    August 6, 3013

    The Verizon Wireless Board Directors
    140 West Street, 29th Floor
    New York, New York 10007

    This letter is to the Verizon Board of Directors
    Lowell C. McAdam
    Richard L. Carrión
    Melanie L. Healey
    M. Frances Keeth
    Robert W. Lane
    Sandra O. Moose
    Joseph Neubauer
    Donald T. Nicolaisen
    Clarence Otis, Jr.
    Hugh B. Price
    Rodney E. Slater
    Kathryn A. Tesija
    Gregory D. Wasson

    Dear Board of Directors,
    My name is Brian Mitchell and I am the owner of the “I Know Wireless” stores in Tucson, Arizona. For over 11 years, I have faithfully operated as a loyal Verizon Wireless retailer. This industry is my passion and livelihood throughout my working career and has supported my family as well as the Tucson community.
    I have 27 years of experience within the wireless industry including 16 years working for US West Cellular/AirTouch corporate and five years with AT&T Wireless corporate. My experiences include numerous management positions in sales with direct, retail, indirect and as well as being a Market General Manager for AT&T Wireless which included overall responsibilities for sales channels, financial targets, public affairs, system quality, and system expansion.
    Over the past 11 years, my “I Know Wireless” stores have been an exclusive Verizon Wireless retailer in Arizona operating in Tucson, Yuma, Safford and Oro Valley. We built our company and prided ourselves on great customer service, experience, and have been recognized on numerous occasions within the Verizon family as well as in the public media. Last April, we received an award at the Indirect Summit in Phoenix from Indirect Sales Director Gino Dovico for “BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE” in the Southwest which included Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, New Mexico and El Paso. This was a major milestone for our company because we pride and built our company on exceptional customer experiences.
    We have always operated in good faith when requested by Verizon Wireless. When Verizon asked us to open a store in Safford or Yuma, we complied. When Verizon Wireless’s requested we expanded in Tucson at the El Con Mall and Speedway/ Silverbell locations, we complied. Unfortunately, these four new market locations did not work out financially and we were forced to consolidate store locations leaving us with four very profitable locations: Casa Grande, Rita Ranch, Swan/Camp Lowell and our brand new Ina/ Oracle location which we had just relocated with Verizon’s approval in XXX 2012 (just 4 months ago).
    Our intentions were to open two additional Arizona retail stores in 2013: an Oro Valley location and Nogales location. We were waiting to receive Verizon’s approval for months on our Oro Valley location and spent $XXX in capital dollars to develop this site but never received approval.
    In June 2012, we were told Verizon was making us a Premium Retailer! We could benefit from increased commissions, lower equipment costs, and most importantly, Verizon would let us improve our signage with a much larger Verizon Wireless presence on our buildings. This was again an important event because we expected to improve our sales at each location by 15 to 20 percent.
    In July 2012, our District Manager and Account Manager notified me that there was a new President for the Southwest Region and he was not going to make us Premium. This was a tough pill to swallow but we moved forward with all of our mutually agreed upon development sites and strategic goals.
    In September 2012, we asked Verizon Wireless for permission to relocate our Oracle/Magee store to Ina/ Oracle because our lease was expiring and the new location would give us an estimated 50% increase in sales.
    Our local Verizon Account Manager was very excited when he informed us that Verizon had approved our new location. At this time, I communicated to our Verizon Team that our contract with Verizon was coming due and Verizon assured me not to worry about it being signed as it was on “Gino Dovico’s” desk.
    In October 2012, I received a call from Director Gino Dovico asking me why we always pay our bills on time. I said to him that was a strange question, as we always paid our bills, we want to be good partners, and we are in very good financial shape as a company.
    At this time, we stated negotiations with the owner of the new location. We then signed a five year lease at this new “A+” location. We now had a new District Manager Tina Walton and Account Manager Derrick Newberry with Verizon. They pushed us hard to get open by the end of the year but this was not possible as there was a lot to do in regards to building out this space in a short period of time. I again kept asking about the status of our contract renewal. They repeatedly said to “not worry” that the renewal agreement was on Gino’s desk.
    In December 2012, we again had a New District Manager (who?)With Verizon who was new to the Indirect Channel and that Gino who had approved our new location was taking another position with Verizon Wireless. I again asked about the status of our contract and was told that they are waiting until the new Director is hired to sign our agreement.
    Our build-out started by the middle of December 2012 and our Verizon Account Manager was pushing us hard to change the look of this new store with new contemporary displays to better resemble an Apple store or like a Verizon corporate store. In good faith and partnership, we listened to our Verizon Account Manager and invested over $85,000 in build-out including new signs ordered with Verizon’s approval costing us $12,000.
    We finally opened for business in February of 2013 and business was booming from day one at this brand new location.
    On March 29, 2013, we met with the new Verizon Indirect Director Shane Schwab at the Tucson Verizon office (he was 30 minutes late). This was our first meeting with him and we shared our plans for future growth. He asked “why do you want to grow?” We expressed our desire to continue to grow our business just like any other successful business. We shared our vision, our plans, and how we perform as a business organization building upon our foundation of exceptional customer service.
    I asked Shane Schwab about our contract and he said it was on his desk and did not give any indications that Verizon would not be renewing our contact. He thanked us for our business and said “you are the type of people we want to do business with.”
    We continued business as usual adding new fixtures to our stores and had record sales and profits in March and April of 2013. I continued to ask our Account Manager about the status of our new contract as we had never went as long without a signed agreement. He said he did not know but the contract was on Shane’s desk.
    We then received an email message on April 22th 2013 from XXX that Shane Schwab wanted to have a conference call on Friday April 26th at 10AM.
    On Thursday April 25th 2013, I received a call from Jeff Russell from Russell Cellular who I have never met and did not know. Out of the blue, he told me he wanted to buy my stores. I told him I am not interested in selling my stores and I expected to be selling Verizon wireless for the next 10 to 15 years and then passing along my business to my son. I said we are a very profitable business and I personally retained a passion for this business even after 27 years.
    He said “take my telephone number and if things change, give me a call”! This is very strange because during this 11 year period of owning Verizon wireless stores, no one has contacted me “out of the blue” to buy my businesses.
    On Friday the 26th of April 2013, we were on a conference call waiting for Shane who again was late to the conference call. He said “Hello gentleman I am not beating around the bush, we are not going to renew your contract.”
    I was shocked and said “what and why”, did we do something wrong? He said no, you have been a very good agent but Verizon Wireless is going in another direction and will only extend contracts with the big wireless players. I informed him that we just opened a new store that Verizon approved, spent over $85,000 to build out this location, and just signed a lease extension for our Casa Grande store. He insinuated that is not Verizon’s problem and we had 60 day remaining as a Verizon dealer.
    My business partner Ted Doe requested more time and he said I will give you 90 days. I said “90 days after 11 years of doing quality business for Verizon and you give us 90 days to sell our business or do something else with these locations.”
    I then asked Shane Schwab a few questions:
    Could I sell my business to other wireless retailers like Digital Wireless, Diamond Wireless, or Go Wireless who I have built a relationship with over the years

    He said “they were not options for you to sell to”.

    Could I sell my business to someone other than these three retailers mentioned above who you will not approve, can the buyer take over our AMF residual.

    “He said “no, they did not do that anymore”.

    Could Verizon give me a list of potential buys for our stores in Tucson and Casa Grande?

    He said “he could not give us a list of potential buyers”.

    Would Russell Cellular be an option

    He said “they would”.

    I asked him to Shane to make sure he kept this issue quiet as we researched other potential buyers and he said he would keep this between him and his team. I said if this gets out that Verizon is not renewing our contract, it would destroy our negotiating leverage; drastically reduce our sales price and the enterprise value of my business.

    How ironic that Russell Cellular would call me the day before to ask about buying my stores on my personal cell phone which my employees do not give out.
    The call ended and I am not able to sell to the three big players in Arizona but only to Russell Cellular.
    The following week, I received a call from Byron McCalley with LG in Phoenix and he heard that we sold our business. I told him we did not sell our business and you would have to put a gun to my head if I were to sell my business.
    I reached out to Jeff Russell with Russell Cellular to see if he was serious about wanting to buy our stores and he said he was and wanted me to send him some of our financial number s which I did.
    I reached out to a company called Moorehead Communications who are a Verizon Wireless Master Agent. Scott Shanks of Moorehead got back to me and we discussed our situation and he implied he was very interested in our operation. He said he will need to reach out to Verizon Wireless and get their approval.
    I sent Shane Schwab an email requesting he allow us to continue our business through the end of the year so we might find a buyer and receive a reasonable offer for our business or run our business through a Master Agent for Verizon. He replied back and said we had only 90 days.
    I did not hear back so I called Shane and asked him if we could run our business through Moorhead and he said that was not an option for us.
    We were running out of options as Shane Schwab would:
    only give me 90 days to sell my business,
    He would not allow me to sell my business to the big three in Arizona: Digital, Go Wireless, and Diamond Wireless.
    He would not let me run our business through Moorhead Communications, a Master Agent with 900 locations 500 sub agent locations.

    Basically, I had no other option except to sell my business within 90 days to Russell Cellular at a drastically reduced sales price. I have never met or built a business relationship with him as I had a gun to my head because of Verizon’s lack of business ethics in this region.
    I reached out again to Russell Cellular and we started negotiations of the sale of my stores and as you would envision, he came back with a ridiculously low offer and I said to him “no” and you need to sharpen your pencil.
    I then reached out to Lowell McAdam CEO of Verizon and received a call back from an Executive Team member, Chris Baron, who I explained what was happening and she had a hard time understanding why and asked me “What was the business reason.” I told her that Shane Schwab told me they were going in a different direction and only going with the big guys and would not let me run my business through Moorehead Communications. She said she would get back to me and I received an email stating she spoke with Greg Hallerand and Andres Irlando and ” it is in the right hands”
    I did not hear back from Greg Haller President West Area or Andres Irlando President SW and area in almost a week so I sent Chris Baron an email and she assured me they would get back to me.
    Andres’ administrator Kim Ewing called me back and said he did not have time to meet but would do a conference call. I cannot believe after 11 years and forcing me to sell my business that he would not meet face to face. Just like Shane Schwab he, too, did not have the courtesy to have a face to face meeting with me.
    I had no choice but to sell my stores far below market value to the only option Verizon Wireless offered, Russell Cellular, as Verizon Wireless would not give me more than 90 days contract extension and Russell Cellular was the only Verizon Wireless approved party. To reiterate, Russell Cellular called me the day before Verizon informed s me they are not renewing my contract after 11 loyal years.
    For your information, Shane Schwab of Verizon Wireless allowed Russell Wireless to take over my AMF residual which was not an option when I brought up the matter but it was approved for Russell Cellular to receive them.
    I know this is a lengthy communication but I did not want to leave out any of the facts. Despite my loyalty to Verizon Wireless, I did not get any support or proper reasoning for forcing me to sell my business. I was basically told I had 90 days to sell my business and to whom I can sell it to. Does this business experience sound fair, moral and an ethical business practice? In the end, I had no choice but to sell my business after 11 years at a substantial discount to Verizon Wireless preferred dealer Russell Cellular.
    I expect to hear back from one of the members of the Board of Directors and how we can make this whole for my company, employees, and family.
    Brian Mitchell
    I Know Wireless

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    That makes me sad and is exactly what I'm afraid of happening. There aren't many of us single location individually owned stores left. I love my business and what we do and don't want to stop anytime soon.

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    EXACT Same Current Experience (with a different carrier)

    I am an agent for a different carrier and am having the same experience as you. I was pushed to expand and grow. That was followed by a 5 minute conference call to say we are not renewing your agreement. Subsequently, I received a 90 day termination letter and was informed I could sell to one other agent, of their choice. Everything pertaining to your situation is eerily similiar to mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vzwinagent View Post
    That makes me sad and is exactly what I'm afraid of happening. There aren't many of us single location individually owned stores left. I love my business and what we do and don't want to stop anytime soon.

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    I'm a single location owner looking to open a second location soon. However, it seems really hard to make profit as each year is passing. How is it working for you as a individual owner? If you don't mind asking, where are you located at?

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    Each business plan is different based on demographics, population, racial group, and your working capital.

    Comes down to Where you are planning on planting your flag.

    Your experience in cell phone industry matters, also who your partnering with.
    Are you going into a Master agent relationship, direct indirect with Verizon, Franching it with Wireless Zone.
    Etc... Etc...

    So my business plan 5 years ago will not work for you, nor anybody else for that matter, by changing your name.
    This isent a high school paper.

    I recommend you reach out to Moorehead and Wireless Zone, if nothing else experience, you'll find
    that they'll have information or angle you havent considered if you never done this before.

    It dosent matter if you have 1 store or 10 stores, key to you your survival will be based on how much
    work your willing to put in, and how strong your staff is.

    Above all rule #1 - DO NOT RUN OUT OF PHONES.

    This post is probably about a month late but looks like your fishing for ideas if your asking for help on
    a business plan.

    Good luck, there is a ton of cheddar out there for the taking, only the strong eat.
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