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Thread: Problem with Net10 slow speeds on new service.

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    Problem with Net10 slow speeds on new service.

    I just ported from H2O to Net10 yesterday. I have used the recommended APN settings from Net10s website.
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    My problem is, my MMS is not working at all and my internet is unbelievably slow. I called Net10 and all they did was confirm my apn settings and say it must be my phone. I am using BYOP btw. Can't be the phone, H2O was working fine yesterday and I can put in my wife's sim from H2O and it works. When I say slow....
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    Totally unacceptable. What could be wrong ? I am starting to regret switching, and pin numbers are non-refundable. I have also searched online and found other apn settings for Net10, but none of them work.

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    I don't use gsm very often, but try this:

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