A used but in near mint condition Sharp Galapagos 005SH by Japanese carrier SoftBank - Slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 3.8-inch 800x480 pixel display, glasses-free 3D screen.

Included is a 16 GB miroSD card, Transcend, Class 10 (highest speed), and a tailor-made custom genuine leather case (seen on photos), extra screen protector - original from Japan, original box, warranty card (expired but can serve as proof of ownership) and manuals.

The 005SH is SIM unlocked to work with any carrier. Supported frequencies: 1.5GHz/2.1GHz (W-CDMA) and 900MHz/1.8GHz/1.9GHz (GSM).

The phone is also permanently rooted, which allows for removal of pre-installed carrier/manufacturer applications, integration of latest updates of apps into /system (to save onboard storage), wiping of user date without need for factory resetting, optimization of operation.

The 005SH has a single-core Qualcomm processor (MSM8255) at 1 GHz, which, thatnks to rooting has been overclocked to up to 2 GHz, resulting in much better performance. Removal of some carrier apps has allowed an increase of available RAM from about 100 MB to up to 200 MB (the remained of the 512 MB RAM total is used by Android).

The OS version is Android 2.3.5. The phone has all the necessary SoftBank updates that fix various issues with it.

There are some cosmetic issues with it: Three small paint peels on the left-side metal frame (zoom photos to see), and a slight (0.5 mm) wear on the end of the Galapagos logo on the back. The screen is in immaculate condition. On the hardware keyboard I have painted extra letters from the Cyrillic alphabet which can be easily removed with alcohol.

The phone will be sent using standard registered mail (with tracking number) which guarantees it will arrive at the destination anywhere around the world in up to 2 weeks.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Price 220 USD, registered shipping with tracking number to anywhere round the world - 15 USD. Payment methods accepted: PayPal or bank transfer (for buyers from the EU).