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Thread: Dumb Iridium phone question

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    Question Dumb Iridium phone question

    Every year or so I like to test various active SIMs in my old Kyocera Iridium phone, just for fun. (I know they won't work but want to try it anyway.) Recently I replaced my 13 year-old Powertel SIM with a brand new T-Mobile SIM. When I tested it in my Iridium phone the phone would not recognize the SIM at all. So, dumb question. Has there been some technology change in the last 13 years that would prevent an old phone, like the Kyocera, from recognizing a newly minted SIM?
    Donald Newcomb

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    Most likely its the same issue with my Nokia 5190 which used a plain white SIM card from Voicestream but the data stopped working in a newer phone and had to be replaced with a newer SIM that was no longer accepted by the 5190. The main difference between the older and newer Sims is the memory size. Older ones were 16K and 32K while the newer ones are 64K and are simply too large to be read by legacy phones.

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