The deal with the cheap refurbished Galaxy SII went south and I'm not overly fond of my new Nokia Lumina 925 (love the phone, hate WP8). I have a Moto G, which I like but it does not have WiFi Calling. I'd like to get a cheap but decent Android phone for the next year or so, until the phones with LTE band 12 (700 MHz) start arriving. Most of the time, having LTE is not that important to me as T-Mobile's networks around here are not congested and I get good speeds on HSPA+. I'm poking around various sites (e.g. NewEgg) looking for a T-Mobile Android phones. There are a number of phones from Samsung, LG and HTC below $150 that interest me.

Anyone have any thoughts regarding the LG L9 & F6 vs the HTC Sensation & Amaze?

The more I think about it, the more I feel like maybe I'll just play SIM-swap between the Lumina 925 and Moto G depending on the needs of the day.