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Thread: No more USB sticks?

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    No more USB sticks?

    Looking at Tmobile's site, I dont really see any more USB data sticks, do they still have one which has AWS for HSPA+ and LTE or is there a 3rd party solution, I only see the wifi routers.
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    I'm looking for a USB stick that will support LTE on the T-Mobile USA network, too. It's hard to figure out which ones will work with LTE, especially since there are none being sold by T-Mobile currently. There are 2 sticks made by ZTE that I'm looking at, the ZTE MF591 and MF691. I can't tell for sure if they support LTE or not. Also, I can't tell what the difference is between the two.

    Is anybody here familiar with these, and can you tell me what your experience is with them?

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