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Thread: Traveling to England with HTC One M8 can I replace SIM?

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    Traveling to England with HTC One M8 can I replace SIM?

    My husband and I are spending a week in England later this summer, and while Verizon has a Global plan, there are places in England where I can get a local SIM and get data/voice/messaging for a LOT less. But...Verizon. Can I even do that on the M8? Do I have to take the phone to Verizon and have them unlock it or anything first if it is possible? Or am I hosed because Verizon and need to suck up their prices?

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    I'd like to know this too, as I am traveling to Mexico later this year.

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    I don't mean to necro this thread, but an answer to the question could help someone in the future:

    The M8 from verizon comes unlocked and has a global GSM antenna. I have used sims for O2 and Three mobile while in the UK. For a £20 top-up (~$30) you get 1500 minutes, 4000 texts, 2gb data from O2 Pay & Go, they also offer addons that you can buy in your online account like international calling or additional data. For the same price on Three, you get 200 minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited data. You can just walk into any of their stores and get a free sim when you drop the £20 for a top-up.

    I had to manually enter the APN settings on my phone, so either look up the carrier's APN settings beforehand, or ask the clerk at the store to show you the settings. Additionally, they didn't offer 4g on the month to month pricing plans when I was there, so could not test that. However, the One M8 supports band 3 (1800mhz) which is the LTE band that Three mobile uses, so there is a chance that you would be able to use 4G on three mobile. O2 uses a unique band though and you would be stuck with 3G on O2.

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