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Thread: 007SH's OneSeg / ISDB-T problem: I get image but no sound

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    007SH's OneSeg / ISDB-T problem: I get image but no sound

    Hi everyone. The thing is that the 007SH has ISDB-T capabilities but it was designed for Japan; I live in Argentina and we have the same digital TV system, however, I can watch TV but I get no sound, and I can't configure any kind of settings from the OneSeg app. I tried to look for any other app but all these kind of apps are made for specific models of devices and won't work with any other phone (for example, I managed to get the TV apk from a Samsung Galaxy Young TV GT-S5367 which is a phone with TV capabilities that works in this country, but I couldn't install the TV apk in my 007SH).

    Is there any way in which I can get sound (like ... modding the app or something)?. I guess it must be some sort of audio codec differences between Japan's and Argentina's digital TV ISDB, but I really don't know.

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi! Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I'm also from Argentina. Do you still have your 007SH? I am looking to buy a keitai flip phone, but it's very difficult to find them here. Do you know if there is a seller or a place to buy them in Argentina? Regards.

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