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Thread: LG G3 available today

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    LG G3 available today

    Sprint offers $150 pre-paid card with LG G3 purchase via Easy Pay

    As if today's surprise announcement that Sprint was selling the LG G3 in its stores today, one week earlier than expected, wasn't enough, the wireless carrier has something else up its sleeve. It is sending out emails to customers offering them a $150 pre-paid card if they purchase the phone from them via the Sprint Easy Play plan of $25 a month.

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    I've had this phone for over a month and it's easily the best phone I have ever used. Haven't found anything to complain about except that the Google Keyboard (when switched as default over the factory default LG keyboard) causes an error message on every boot up. But very minor issue and will probably be fixed by Google soon. Sure beats the annoying text messaging force close error I was experiencing 3-4 times per day with my old Optimus G!

    Also the LG Quick Circle case is awesome!
    Sprint user since 1997

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