Hello New guy here
I have and currently own 2 palm pre phones one not working because of the same problem
number 1 and 2 are the same let me explain
This phone was acting up dots were doing as they choose to do and opening programs at will until it drained the battery then it went away no viruses etc, anyway i decided to do a full erase of the one phone and it came back saying for me to sign in to my profile i do which is the exact same as my bell profile on the hp website only as i no longer subscribe to bell ((thats a whole new nightmare) and it would take a day to write what i went through with these???
anyway iam trying to get by this stage of the profile sign in because it says i must be connect to my wireless provider to sign in which i haven't been with bell for 5 years now.
anyway i really need help this is not a stolen phone as i have records proving these are mine from day 1 it just bothers me that i cant sign in because bell still wants me to be i guess a part of there service and i would rather go without any cell phone before i would ever even consider bell in this lifetime even if were free i would still say no way...
anyway any help on this would be very much appreciated i will be around all day here i have tried webos nation but nothing everything is out of date or cant download anything on that site but i have been reading a few things on here and this site seems to be very helpful maybe there is a code i can use to bypass this sign in thing i don't know please help if you can appreciated.
P.S. my both phones aren't pixi or veer or palm pre 2 they are just plain palm pre phones no names beside palm at all