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Thread: Videotron iphone on rogers network

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    Videotron iphone on rogers network

    Hi guys,
    I just bought an iphone with videotron and took the canada unlimited package which means I can roam on rogers network without extra fees.

    I notice though that rogers' network is stronger in my area than Videotron. So I was thinking of forcing my iphone to always be on rogers network. When I go into the Network selection of my iphone, I can chose "Videotron PRTNR" which I guess is the rogers network. When I do that, I have like 2 extra bars for the signal.

    So my question is if anybody else tried that? Am I allow to do it?

    Thanks a lot!

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    If you need it to make your phone work correctly, fast answer is yes. But it is possible that you will be flagged so they can verify the reason why you're always on Videotron PRTNR.

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