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Thread: Breeze IV(P2050) reboots in PC Suite Message Manager

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    Angry Breeze IV(P2050) reboots in PC Suite Message Manager

    What had been a sporadic problem a week ago has now become chronic. Every time I try to display the texts from my phone in Message Manager, the phone reboots. I am running WinXP on my computer. The phone is less than a month old. I have tried a couple different USB cables. I have rebooted the PC, reinstalled PC Suite, and even tried it on another computer(also XP), but the same problem occurs.
    Contact Manager and File Manager seem to have no issues transferring information.
    Pantech Tech Support had never heard of the problem and could only suggest the typical reboot/reinstall/try new cable.
    Any clues what is going on here? Has anybody ever even heard of this happening?

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    Hi. Finally! Someone else who has the same problem! I have the Pantech Renue P6030. It used to work just fine with "Pantech PC Suite" Software. Until recently I was able to load all of my text messages into "Message Manager" and print them if I elected to do so. Now, Pantech P.C. Suite's "File Manager" works fine, but every time I connect to the software's "Message Manager", the text messages begin to load until a message on the computer pops up that says: "Check Phone Status." The phone is turning off and rebooting. My inbox is full on my phone, and I do not want to delete some very important messages until they are printed and saved as hard copies. Did you ever resolve this problem? Bottom line. I cannot load my Pantech Renue P6030's text messages in Pantech PC Suite's "Message Manager" software without the phone rebooting. This happens over and over. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software more than once. I have checked for updated USB drivers, etc. (By the way, this happens when my phone is in "Mass Storage" mode and USB connection mode. Can anyone save us out there?

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