Don't know if I'm in the right forum. If not, please redirect me.

About two weeks ago I had a dash cam installed in my car. I upgraded from a dumb phone to a Motorola Ultra smart phone so I could access the video feed and download videos from the dash cam via wifi. It worked fine and I was able to view video and download from the dash cam without a problem. Unfortunately, there were other problems with the Motorola Ultra so I returned it and got a Samsung Galaxy S5. Now when I try to access the dash cam via wifi, my Samsung phone tells me I need a Verizon mobile hot spot. It also periodically turns off my wifi connection.

I took everything back to the shop that did the dash cam install. They all use Galaxy S5 phones, had no problem accessing the dash cam via wifi and suggested I take my phone, dash cam and car to Verizon. I did so and Verizon's proposed solution was to try and sell me a mobile hot spot device and more GB of data in addition to the data I am already paying for.

The wifi on my Galaxy S5 works well on other WIFI connections, just not on this one.

Any thoughts?