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Thread: Telus charges for call forwarding to US number

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    Telus charges for call forwarding to US number

    Roam mobility claims that all you have to do forward your canadian phone # to their assigned number and u can enjoy their service. I found out I got charged for 20 dollars for call forwarding to a US number and 45 bucks for all the text messages. When I email roam mobility about this issue. They didnt reply back to me. Anyone knows if the big carrier in Canada charges for call forwarding to US number?

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    I wouldn't even bother with any call forwarding. Just don't answer (or hang up) and call them back. Personally I have VM turned off

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    Unless you have unlimited forwarding and unlimited long distance to U.S. numbers included in your plan, forwarding to a U.S. number may well cist you. Forwarding may consune airtime from your Canadian plan for each forwarded minute, too. I do as Riam suggests, but I have unlimited airtime, firwarding, and North American long distance in my plan. The other poster makes a good suggestion about just looking at the call display info and calling them back.
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