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Thread: Verizon Global Unlocked XT912 & Foreign Sim

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    Verizon Global Unlocked XT912 & Foreign Sim

    From what I understand, the xt912 is unlocked for global use. Does anyone know if inserting a foreign Sim while in the US will throw the "Sim card of unknown source" error message? Or should it recognize the foreign Sim and carrier even if there is no reception?

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    If you have a truly unlocked phone, and you insert a foreign SIM card; your phone should recognize the SIM. With no reception, the SIM can not be checked for validity.

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    If your phone has support for LTE it has to be fully unlocked. If wasn't Verizon would be opened up to being harpooned by the FCC once again. If you have doubts please see the stupid long and specific law/regulation the FCC has put in place below:

    "The relevant law is found here in the Code of Federal Regulations
    Title 47 - Telecommunication. CHAPTER I - FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (CONTINUED). SUBCHAPTER B - COMMON CARRIER SERVICES. PART 27 - MISCELLANEOUS WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES. Subpart B - Applications and Licenses. § 27.16Network access requirements for Block C in the 746-757 and 776-787 MHz bands.

    Take a look at this : (e) Handset locking prohibited. No licensee may disable features on handsets it provides to customers, to the extent such features are compliant with the licensee's standards pursuant to paragraph (b)of this section, nor configure handsets it provides to prohibit use of such handsets on other providers' networks.
    § 27.16 Network access requirements
    for Block C in the 746–757 and 776–
    787 MHz bands.
    (a) Applicability. This section shall
    apply only to the authorizations for
    Block C in the 746–757 and 776–787 MHz
    bands assigned and only if the results
    of the first auction in which licenses
    for such authorizations are offered satisfied
    the applicable reserve price.
    (b) Use of devices and applications. Licensees
    offering service on spectrum
    subject to this section shall not deny,
    limit, or restrict the ability of their
    customers to use the devices and applications
    of their choice on the licensee’s
    C Block network, except:
    (1) Insofar as such use would not be
    compliant with published technical
    standards reasonably necessary for the
    management or protection of the licensee’s
    network, or
    (2) As required to comply with statute
    or applicable government regulation.
    (c) Technical standards. For purposes
    of paragraph (b)(1) of this section:
    (1) Standards shall include technical
    requirements reasonably necessary for
    third parties to access a licensee’s network
    via devices or applications without
    causing objectionable interference
    to other spectrum users or jeopardizing
    network security. The potential for excessive
    bandwidth demand alone shall
    not constitute grounds for denying,
    limiting or restricting access to the
    (2) To the extent a licensee relies on
    standards established by an independent
    standards-setting body which
    is open to participation by representatives
    of service providers, equipment
    manufacturers, application developers,
    consumer organizations, and other interested
    parties, the standards will
    carry a presumption of reasonableness.
    (3) A licensee shall publish its technical
    standards, which shall be nonproprietary,
    no later than the time at
    which it makes such standards available
    to any preferred vendors, so that
    the standards are readily available to
    customers, equipment manufacturers,
    application developers, and other parties
    interested in using or developing
    products for use on a licensee’s networks.
    (d) Access requests. (1) Licensees shall
    establish and publish clear and reasonable
    procedures for parties to seek approval
    to use devices or applications on
    the licensees’ networks. A licensee
    must also provide to potential customers
    notice of the customers’ rights
    to request the attachment of a device
    or application to the licensee’s network,
    and notice of the licensee’s process
    for customers to make such requests,
    including the relevant network
    (2) If a licensee determines that a request
    for access would violate its technical
    standards or regulatory requirements,
    the licensee shall expeditiously
    provide a written response to the requester
    specifying the basis for denying
    access and providing an opportunity
    for the requester to modify its request
    to satisfy the licensee’s concerns.
    (e) Handset locking prohibited. No licensee
    may disable features on
    handsets it provides to customers, to
    the extent such features are compliant
    with the licensee’s standards pursuant
    to paragraph (b)of this section, nor
    configure handsets it provides to prohibit
    use of such handsets on other providers’
    (f) Burden of proof. Once a complainant
    sets forth a prima facie case that
    the C Block licensee has refused to attach
    a device or application in violation
    of the requirements adopted in
    this section, the licensee shall have the
    burden of proof to demonstrate that it
    has adopted reasonable network standards
    and reasonably applied those
    standards in the complainant’s case.
    Where the licensee bases its network
    restrictions on industry-wide consensus
    standards, such restrictions
    would be presumed reasonable.
    [72 FR 48849, Aug. 24, 2007]"

    Maybe someone should sticky this? non-LTE devices will have to be unlocked by Feb 2015 but LTE devices have always been unlocked.

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