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Thread: Prepaid options for Mobile Internet?

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    Prepaid options for Mobile Internet?


    I'm looking into Mobile Data through Verizon. I just need to get connectivity for my laptop. I'd like to do a prepaid setup, but my understanding is that the only device Verizon will let you use withe prepaid Mobile Data is the JetPack device. Is that correct?

    I ask because I had been reading reviews and found people speaking more positively of the Verizon 4G LTE USB Modem UML295 by Pantech than the JetPack, but my understanding is that you can only use this Pantech USB stick with a 2 year contract Mobile Data plan. Is that correct too?

    Thanks, everyone, for the help.

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    Can't help you on the USB/Jetpack Verizon plans, I can't figure out what Verizon was thinking with their website, I can only image they enjoy chatting and having people call.
    But in my opinion the Jetpack is the way to go, I leave mine by the window with 5 bars and relax inside the conference room where I only get 1 to 2 bars. It's harder to miss-place then the USB stick and has a great battery life. I had a USB stick with another carrier and would have to find the location that would work.

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