I've been trying to figure out the #s with Sprint's various new options (iphone for life; easy pay; etc.) and none of it seems very transparent nor are customer service representatives even helpful. So I thought I would ask you all for some possible help.

Currently on an older Everything Data Share 1500 (unlimited data) with 4 iPhones and the plan breaks down as follows:

(1) Everything Data 1500 = $110
(2) Employer discount 18%) = -$19.80
(3) Premium Data $10 add on for line 1 = $10
(4) Lines 2-4 + $10 Premium Data = $90

Total: ~$210/mo for unlimited data with four iPhone 5.

What I want to know are the following:

(1) Could I trade-in the iPhone 5 to get an iPhone 6 for a very low price AND/OR
(2) Are there other plans out there that work better for our situation pricewise (keeping in mind the 18% employer discount); we probably don't need more than 2-2.5 gb of data per line.

I really wish Sprint would be more transparent about their plans and upgrades, but they are not. If any of you could please shed some light on all the x's and o's, it would be greatly appreciated.