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Thread: I need a "regular" phone with a physical keyboard - recommendations?

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    I need a "regular" phone with a physical keyboard - recommendations?

    One member of my family prefers a regular phone to a smartphone.
    I purchased an LG Rumor Reflex-S for them primarily because it has a physical keyboard and camera.
    Unfortunately, the LG has proven to be an extremely unreliable product which both Sprint and LG have no interest in supporting.

    I need a replacement "regular" phone. The Sprint website lists an extremely limited selection. My requirement are a regular phone that has a camera and physical keyboard and is not manufactured by LG. Can I purchase a replacement phone from a non-Sprint source and activate it on Sprint (provided the phone is CDMA)?

    Any recommendations for such a phone?


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    Blackberry has models with very nice physical keyboards. Q5 and Q10 are their latest models with physical keyboard. If you just want to use it for talk, text, MMS, and maybe basic camera, older models would work too, such as the Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Bold. Just look for the model numbers that work on Sprint. Apps for older models will be limited.

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    I understand the preference for a physical keyboard, but I wonder if this family member has had a chance to try out a smart phone with a good virtual keyboard? I too once thought I couldn't live without a physical keyboard, and my wife was definitely in that camp. Now she would never go back and says she vastly prefers typing on a smartphone. Just a thought.

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