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Thread: Join the BETA TEST of LTE Widget

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    Join the BETA TEST of LTE Widget

    Anyone who's been keeping up with the exploits of Howard Chui and Howard Chu as they run around testing new LTE services (such as Band 17 support on Rogers and Bell, or the augmented 15 MHz bandwidth provided by Bell Mobility) might remember seeing screen captures that included a widget that provides site and location information on the LTE signals. That just happens to be a widget I wrote over a year ago called "LTE Widget".

    I’d written the widget for my own personal use, though I'd given Howard Chu a copy of it long ago to help me collect IDs of Bell Mobility and Telus LTE sites. I've now decided to release this as a FREE app on Google Play, but before I do that I want to run it through a closed BETA TEST and I'm looking for HoFo'ers who are interested in helping to iron out the bugs.

    In a nutshell, the widget provides you with a home screen readout that gives you the ID, signal strength, and signal quality of the incoming LTE signal, as well its PHYSICAL LOCATION (if known). I maintain the sites from the Industry Canada TAFL database, but there is no information there concerning site IDs. In order get those IDs, Howard and I have been collecting them using the background tracking feature in the app.

    The widget also provides a Google Maps overlay that shows you where all of the LTE sites are located, and you can quickly tell at a glance if the ID of a given site is known or not by its color. If you see a bunch of red-colored hexagons that you know you’ll be driving by, you can turn on the tracking feature and generate a KML file. That file is then sent to me for processing and I update the related data files. The widget includes a feature that updates these data files for you as I change them. This includes new site additions, as well as newly-discovered site IDs.

    If you’re interested in helping to test the app before its debut on Google Play, then there's one little GOTCHA you should be aware of. For the time being I'm only maintaining LTE sites in ONTARIO. If you don't live in Ontario, the app isn't of much use to you. However, future plans do include expanding the app to cover the rest of Canada. As for the United States, I'm not even sure the widget will scale to that number of sites without seriously slowing down, but it should be able to handle all of Canada. Besides, I'm not yet sure if I can just get the LTE sites in the US from a public database the way I can here in Canada.

    So, if you live in Ontario and you want to be a part of the beta test group, just go to the Google Group I've set up for this test and request membership:!forum/lte-widget-beta

    I look forward to hearing your feedback.

    Steve Punter

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