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Thread: Doro 410gsm

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    Doro 410gsm

    I have a Doro 410gsm phone. This was on a 3 year plan with Rogers. In the past month, I switched my monthly plan to a pay-as-you-go plan. I am a low volume users - probably 2-5 minutes a month (over the 3 years I had one month that was 8 minutes). I have never sent a text message.

    I like the idea that with 7-eleven plan I can buy $25 and it would last all year. Who know $25 might be all I would need (I realize that $15 would come off just for 911 charges).

    I tried to use a service to unlock my phone. When they did a search they were unable to find an unlocking code for my phones IMEI.

    I am assuming that my phone is locked to Rogers as when I turn the phone on I get a Rogers splash screen.

    I haven't been able to search the web for good specifications for my phone but from what I found, I don't believe the phone is 3G. I am assuming it is not HSPA (however, I really don't know what that term means).

    My question is this:
    Since I am already on the Roger network, would I be able to buy a 7-eleven SIM card and it should just work even though it is probably locked Rogers phone.

    If someone has any experience with this, I would really appreciate hearing from you.

    Thanks, John

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    Rogers Locked Phone will work just fine without unlocking on Speak out Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by jattdesi View Post
    Rogers Locked Phone will work just fine without unlocking on Speak out Canada
    I can confirm that a Robbers Doro 410gsm works just fine with a SpeakOut SIM. In fact the Doro phone I bought for my mom several years ago has only been used with SpeakOut. In fact the Robbers SIM that originally came with the phone is still attached to its plastic carrier.

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