Wireless charging - ibattery: charge your phone anywhere in the world from the network WiFi, 4G, LTE

Yes, it is possible ...

We present to you a revolutionary idea, which will change your view of the usual things.

Now more than ever, wireless data transmission system is developing very actively and quickly. Have you ever wondered how it is going wireless transmission of information?

This function is implemented by a transmitter equipped with an omnidirectional antenna and is used as a radio communication medium. This network topology is realized "All-to-many" and functional with a range of 50-200 m. And by its nature, it is an ordinary electromagnetic wave, which carries a certain amount of energy. So much of this energy is spent just like that!

Just think we are always in the area of ??network WiFI, 4G, LTE, but most of the time we do not use these networks. So why do not we teach the phone to use the time and the opportunity to recharge your battery?

Let your phone is in your bag or jacket pocket, he need is within range of the network in order to recharge your battery. Provided that you will not be a day to play games on your phone, you get a device that can never be discharged!

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