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It didn't take me long to get up to a $50 balance which is enough of a cushion for heavy use when I need it.

A viable substitute for the Air Voice $30, 40, 50 plans are the Good2Go Mobile ones at those pricepoints. A lesser known Att mvno but it has been around for awhile and is owned by a large prepaid services player called Ztar Mobile. They have the advantage of no split data, same prices and customer service that's US based, not equal to Air Voice but a magnitude better then H20's. The biggest drawback I see to Good 2 Go is that big mms users are limited to 100 mms to each plan (go figure, Pure Talk had a strange mms count too. Could be a Att mvno thing for some players. I'd say for people who are generally satisifed with Air Voice but have a big problem with split data and don't need tons of mms might want to consider Good 2 Go Mobile. They also have a Sprint side that recently weathered the Sprint byosd mess but is headed toward recovery.