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Thread: Cheapest way to receive SMS only, never send or call

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    Cheapest way to receive SMS only, never send or call

    I purchased a GSM relay that I plan to connect to my car starter so whenever it receives a text message from an approved number it will start the car.

    What is the cheapest method for me to do this? From what I can tell I should go with 7-11 as I can put the minimum dollars on it and they are good for 365 days. Then once a year I can top up with the cheapest add-on and essentially get what I want for like $25 dollars a year. Much cheaper than the 10 or 15 a month to go through them.

    Maybe there is a cheaper roaming sim that I don't know about?

    For anyone interested here is how to do it:

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    Next cheapest I can think of is Fido's and Rogers' $100/year unlimited SMS prepaid plans, so your suggestion is as good as it gets from what I know! Good catch that they have a 365 day expiry (I wonder if they truly short you a day on leap years? ).

    A shame that they don't offer annual top-ups, only monthly top-ups, from what I could gather from their website.
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