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Thread: Bionic poor reception -- typical?

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    Unhappy Bionic poor reception -- typical?

    Trying to figure out whether my Bionic refurb is a lemon or typical. I am using it on PagePlus (Verizon network). I realize it's a 3-yr-old phone, but still, compared to my HTC Incredible 2, which just died:

    • The Bionic has a dual-core processor, compared to single
    • The Bionic has 16 Gb internal storage, compared to 1 Gb
    • The Bionic can't receive a signal where the HTC could
    • The Bionic drops calls where the HTC was fine
    • The Bionic is much slower over my Wifi (n) network
    • The Bionic is far laggier than the HTC

    I live in Portland, OR, which has pretty good wireless coverage.

    So, do I just have a bad sample, or is this typical? I checked the reviews before getting it, and they seemed positive.

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