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Thread: HTC M7 or Desire 816

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    HTC M7 or Desire 816

    I am trying to decide between the two phones above. I am with Virgin mobile right now and I was planning on upgrading to the 816. The $35 plan suits me fairly well though I do run over my 2.5 gig cap lately.
    Yesterday I snagged an M7 on an amazon lightning deal for 250. I have been doing some research on it and am concerned about the quality of the device. Lack of an SD card is not a concern, a non-removable battery would be preferable but not a deal breaker.
    If I kept the M7 I would sign up for t-mobiles $30/mo plan. The extra data would be nice. The 100min cap would cramp me slightly but between my wifes phone and my work phone I don't think it would be an issue most months.

    Right now I have an LG optimus elite.
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