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Thread: My plan - The offer from Videotron

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    My plan - The offer from Videotron

    I've been with Rogers for 10 years, my contract is ending is about 6 months. I currently have the iPhone 4S.

    My current plan: Monthly Price Plan Charges: $50.03/mth
    Includes all monthly fees
    200 Wkday & Unlimited Eve/Wknd
    6pm Early Evening Calling
    Unlimited Eve & Wknd Minutes
    200 Weekday Minutes
    Unlimited Incoming Local Calls
    6 GB9 for 30 that I've had forever.
    Monthly Add-ons Charges: $45.79/mth
    Unlimited Incoming Local Calls $15.00/mth
    Unlimited Cdn & US Text Msgs $15.00/mth (Needed because I text people in both Canada and the USA)
    Smartphone Value Pack $15.79/mth

    Total Estimated Monthly Service Fee*:$110.17
    (Includes all monthly fees)

    Videotron is offering me:
    Unlimited local calls
    Evening and Weekends after 6
    Long distance calls in Canada
    Call display and voicemail
    6 gig of Data
    Unlimited texts, photos and videos to Canada, US and International
    And they're offering me the iPhone 6 16 gig for 250$

    As you can see, I would save a lot of money by switching to Videotron, and they're offering a new iPhone for, I think, a reasonable price.

    My question, think Rogers will match it?

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    They just might. Call them, and find out. Get a ref# to be safe, and have the rep detail the offer in the notes.
    Un-Rogered, and getting better 'value'.

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    It wouldn't hurt to try but right now they don't see Wind, Mobi or VT as competition and might just say "bye bye, don't let the door hit you on the way out".
    Bell SK+fongo:
    $85 Unlimited NA, NA text, US Roaming, 15GB

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