Hello all,

(Android v. 2.3.5. I have no experience modding Android at all. My device is completely unmodified from FP/Sprint. Appears to be unlocked. I am technologically inclined, so I am capable of following any directions given to me to work on this device. Please feel free to provide me with correct terminology. Please let me know if you need me to provide specific details about my phone...and where to get that info.)

A few weeks ago, my phone started freezing when I turned the power on. (the first thing I ever saw when ever I turned the power on was a white screen with black lettering "HTC Evo 4G"...or something along those lines...for maybe 5 - 10+ seconds...then on to FP splash screen with "Android is loading...". Recently found out that first white screen was probably due to Fast boot being turned off). I abandoned my phone figuring it was bricked, then picked it up a couple days ago and googled how to reset it.

I reset it, made a few settings changes, loaded a couple apps, changed the wallpaper image...on the way to getting things back to the way it was before (no back up). Then it froze again.

I reset again, this time trying to go slow to see if I could figure out if one particular thing is causing it to freeze. After about 4 or 5 resets, it appears it will freeze immediately after factory reset if Fast boot is turned off (white screen on power up)...won't freeze with Fast boot turned on (FP splash screen on power up).

  1. Should I leave Fast boot turned on & hope an update/app doesn't turn it off or I don't DL an app that needs it turned off?
  2. Should I try ot figure out what is causing it to freeze and fix it so I can turn Fast boot off? Can someone here on HF help me figure these things out?

Somewhere among the 4+ resets, I did a full backup using the ClockworkMod recovery, but I can't seem to get into ClockworkMod recovery unless Fast boot is turned off(thus causing my phone to freeze). I would like to get into the habit of backing up my phone (settings and app installations...don't need contacts/calendar data...I use Google's Sync for that data).

  1. (How do I start a separate numbered list in these posts picking up where the last one left off: Question #3 (
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    doesn't work)?)
  2. Is there away to get into ClockworkMod recovery without having Fast boot turned off/white screen on powerup?
  3. Or is there good PC software/Android app that will back up phones settings/app installs to PC via USB?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide,