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Thread: Does Anyone Here Use a Bluetooth QWERTY Keyboard Case w/ Their Phone?

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    NICE!!! i got the same keyboard, how did you like it? i'm still trying to get used to it, it feels a little cheap, compared to my LG Mach phone keyboard, but oh well. i bought the sony Z3, bigger phone, so my mod won't look as clean as yours.

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    Yeah, that is true. It is not as good as real qwerty phone but I think that it is good enough. I like the build quality is better than some of the first Galaxy S4 keyboards. The whole package is compact and slim. I like the fact that there is instant response when I press the button on keyboard. However the buttons does swing little bit. When the keyboard is opened it is pretty stable and easy to handle. But when the keyboard is closed there is some movement. That makes it feel cheaper.

    I have small hands so I have to reach for middle letters (Y, H, N). Overall I like it is easy to write with it. I'm happy that I made this mod. For comparison I have tested my friend's Jolla phone and its TOHKB is pretty bad:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack T. Chance View Post
    Things just got even better. There's now a new generation of Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the Galaxy S4, and it's the best one yet! I'm using it now, it's now got keys with the same beveled shape that BlackBerry introduced several years ago on their QWERTY keyboards. MUCH easier to type on!

    Right now, they're only available on the Bay of E. Here's the link to the Buy It Now auction I bought mine from: CLICK HERE.

    The Chinese factory that makes these has also made a version of it for the iPhone 6. That was the first phone the new model showed up for. I'm still waiting for them to release the updated version for the Galaxy S5. At the present time, the existing S5 models are discontinued, hard to find, and going for extortionist prices when you do find them. The new version has to be coming out soon, it's just a question of when.
    Thank you for this very interesting thread on keyboards. In the message I quote above, there is a link to a keyboard on ebay. But that link doesn't work any more, so I wonder if you could post some more detailed information to make it possible to find that keyboard, either new or used?
    Any other info on new or better keyboards is of course also appreciated.
    Thank you.
    NB: For some reason I am not allowed to post links, so I have removed the link in the quote above...

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