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Thread: Using the SIM from a mobile wifi hotspot in a phone.

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    Question Using the SIM from a mobile wifi hotspot in a phone.

    So I have a mobile wifi hotspot device from videotron. It works pretty well except that the battery runs out quickly and so I have to take it out and turn it on whenever I want to use my data, which is rather annoying. The device uses a micro sim in a little pop-out-able frame. I tried putting it in my phone, but it didn't work. I looked up APN settings for videotron and I input them into my phone, but I still couldn't get a data connection using the sim. So is there any way to use the SIM from a mobile wifi hotspot in my phone?

    I have a US GSM Moto G 1st gen.

    My mobile wifi hotspot is a huawei E587u-5.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Yes, change the APN
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