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Thread: Incredible 2 password lockout

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    Incredible 2 password lockout

    Hi, I am a newbie to this forum, so pardon any of my ignorance to the rules and decorum.

    My daughter has an Incredible 2 and she managed to change and forget the password all in one day. Also when the phone was set-up, it wasn't set up with a gmail acct. so there isn't that option of recovering the PW. My question is, if she does the hard reset, will she need to reactivate the phone with Straight Talk? Ohh yes, one more small piece of possibly vital information, she and the phone are in Romania, I am in Missouri. Yes, I do know Straight Talk doesn't work oversea. However she will need the phone to contact me when she returns states-side.

    Thanks for the assistance.

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    As I'm aware of, a hard reset should not affect the activation status of the device. Activation is a validation of service with imei and such. A hard reset wouldn't mess that up. Go for it & best wishes.

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