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Thread: Sims FreePlay / Xbox Store

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    Sims FreePlay / Xbox Store

    My phone was in the process of updating this Xbox edition game. Unfortunately, I could not get enough memory - it said only about 150M was left. The phone is an older version, and I had to do a master re-set. The phone automatically re-installed more than 100 apps, even though most apps had been uninstalled.

    I do not play that many games, but I have enjoyed the Sims franchise. Unfortunately, my progress was not copied over during the set up.

    Also, for some reason, some of the apps that I purchased from the store did not reinstall.

    Is there a way to get these apps / my progress back? It seems on the Android version, the Sims FreePlay is maintained via FaceBook.

    Thank you,


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    Also, looking for some expert/experienced person ans.

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