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Thread: Verizon postpaid to Verizon Prepaid...dont do it!

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    Angry Verizon postpaid to Verizon Prepaid...dont do it!

    Ok, heres my story...i have Verizon postpaid acct and wanted to go to Verizon Prepaid. Wanted to take my number with me. Went online 3 days ago. Spent 1.5 hours online with chat window asking all types of questions. Guy said i had to create a new number for new phone and then when i got it, i could transfer my old number to it. Got the prepaid phone (certified pre-owned) yesterday, put the battery in and turned it on. It was already activated. When i got home, i called cust service number to transfer phone number. After 3 hours, and 5 different depts later, someone from the prepaid dept said since the phone was already activated they couldnt transfer number. I had to go to my local verizon store and have them do a return on the phone to deactivate that number, then repurchase and activate with my old number, called a migration, not a port. Ok, so i went there today. The said they could not do that. And of course, the whole time they want to know why i was going to prepaid(I have been a loyal customer for 15+ years). The General Manager took my sim card from my old phone(Droid 4 4G LTE) and put it in my new prepaid phone (samsung galaxy s4). Booted up the phone and it now had my old number on it! woohoo!! I thought i was in the clear. Then the manager said he could put me on a $60 plan(no contract) with a $15/month lotalty discount to match the $45/month prepaid plan i was getting on. I said ok. Unfortunately he could not refund my already paid $45 first month of prepaid charges. He said i needed to cancel any autopay setup for future. I called the prepaid dept and spoke to a lady who said the autopay feature had not been set up. im very leary because im afraid im going to get charged full price for the prepaid phone i bought because i will not be renewing the monthly charges. She said i would not get charged and that when the month is up the new number gets deactivated (which is now assigned to my old droid 4 cause thats where the new sim card was put.) My rant is this....why did it take so much to transfer my number(which wasnt even migrated...just moved with the sim card)? This disclaimer should be put on their site when purchasing a prepaid phone/plan. Now i have to wait and see if i get charged any more fees for the cancellation and actually see what the monthly charges will be on my new plan. Just such a hassle. I would never have doled out the $250 for the phone if i knew this was going to happen...i would have just stayed with a new 2 yr contract and gotten the ohone for free. I was just trying to reduce my monthly bill. Sheesh!! Poor customer service all around!

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    Wow!! So what is your exact plan & price such as how many text, minutes & data are included?

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