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Thread: 3G connectivity questions

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    3G connectivity questions

    I have an issue I hope can have some light shed upon. I'm a T-mobile client and have a couple of unlocked GSM/WCDMA phones to talk about. I have a Lenovo K900 which is great and connects to T-mobile 3G. It displays an (H) on the screen beside the signal indicator. I also have a Zopo ZP998 which does the same and displays (3G) beside the signal bars. The Zopo also displays T-mobile 3G on the notification page when you scroll down from the top. Both phones are capable of 4 bars of signal in my home as I have a T-mobile Cell-fi booster unit. Here is the issue; the Lenovo's specs indicate it has only a 2100mhz band capability for WCDMA, and the Zopo's specs claim 900, 1900, and 2100mhz capability. This seems to indicate to me that the band being broadcast from my Cell-fi for 3G is 2100mhz. If this is the case I would assume that another phone I have recently acquired, which has specs claiming 900 and 2100mhz capability for WCDMA, would be able to access the T-mobile 3G network just as well. However it does not. It is barely able to access a 2G signal on my property and is a high quality device, a Kolina 100+ v6. What am I missing? I've read as much as I can find about T-mobile's bands and have seen much differing info about 1700mhz being the only band used for T-m's 3G and 1900 also being one of the bands. My Lenovo's success at achieving a strong connection seems to defy these opinions, and I'd love to know why any device with a 2100mhz can't also have that connectivity. If there is someone who can enlighten me, please do. don

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    Your phones are using 1900MHz HSPA+/3G to connect to the booster. The other 3G band T-Mobile uses is 1700/2100MHz, which is completely different than the European/Asian 2100MHz band (which is not used at all in North America). That's why the Kolina can't access 3G.

    The Lenovo supports both of T-Mobile's 3G bands (1900MHz and 1700/2100MHz).
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    Thanks for the info and also so quickly. I'm sad to learn about the Kolina, though it did not cost much and can still be useful as a 2G device in a pinch.

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