I was due for an upgrade from AT&T. Didn't want an Iphone6 or another Samsung (S5), as my S3 always had battery and screen issues. I especially did not like the flap on the bottom of the S5 when charging the phone. So on Dec 23, Best Buy had this phone on sale for $1. It was $99 on Dec 22 and has been $99 since Dec 24. When I saw it on sale for $1, I drove over to the store and got one.

It was the amber gold but it had some dead pixels. After playing around with it for 2 days, I returned it and got the metal grey phone which matches the grey phone case. I put on a glass protector too.

Yes, I know this phone has some issues (rear camera, weight, size) but I like it anyway. Especially for $1. Actually, it was $1.07 with tax here in New Jersey. AT&T wanted $199 for it. Will use my old S3 as the insurance.

Pros: Clear large screen, feels like a solid phone, amazing sound from the front speakers and the headphone jack, fast OS, charges very fast, battery lasts me all day. I charge it after dinner with moderate use. Sometimes I forget to charge it over night and it loses maybe 10% during the night. Fastest pic taking ever. Sometimes its so fast, I don't believe it took a pic and I take a second one by mistake. Calls are great and it paired well with my 2013 Camry. Have yet to use the Extreme Power Saving function but its a great idea. 32GB space inside and a 32 GB card that I added is more than enough for me.

Cons: Heavy phone for my wrists but I am getting used to it. The default keyboard sucks but Swiftkey has a free download that is much better, the rear camera isn't good for far-away pics but it takes great wide-angle pics up close with amazing colors. The placement of the soft keys is annoying. I keep hitting them by mistake with my thumb and have to return to my text or Facebook update. No changeable battery but I really don't need one. I have a battery pack anyway.

I'm gonna keep the phone despite the issues. I just do not feel like spending more than $1 on any cell phone and I got tired of Samsung issues like frozen screens and batteries that die quickly. I am sure the M9 will be better and will improve the rear camera. For the price I paid, I am happy. In 2 years from now, I will get the M10 and hope it is better than the M9. It really makes little sense to me to buy a phone when it comes out at full price or even $100. Would rather wait 6-7 months and pay very little. I've read most of the reviews here on the device. I can see why some like it and why some hate it. Cell phones are very personal items.

If anyone has any tips to improve the far away pictures or secret features not advertized, let me know. This is the best gadget I have ever bought for a buck!