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Thread: Is the new Aquos K SHF31 flip phone running Android?

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    Quote Originally Posted by altNz View Post

    It'll be nice if Sharp did another flip Android phone, but according to an article I came across the Flip and Slider Hybrid phones Sharp did were a bit of a one off and didn't sell well, so it's unlikely we'll see another one. Of course most would blame poor execution (poor battery life and limited memory), but who knows never say never.
    I liked my sharp slider with the keyboard, but the slow cpu and poor memory was what bothered me the most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pictu View Post
    That seems like a pretty nice phone. Shame about the Google Play Services. Can you still use Google Maps without? Or do you need to rely on third party map apps?
    The touchpadkeypad thing is pretty slick.

    Does au by chance offer in store unlocking? If not, I hope the Russians can come up with an unlock
    We dont sleep you can find unlocked SHF31 and many other KDDI models in internet, firstly check Japan and China sellers....
    From Russia with love

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