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Thread: getting weird Verizon error messages on pp??

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    getting weird Verizon error messages on pp??

    My Verizon LG VS950 (also called LG Intuition) was put on pp, no problems. I get service, 3g & 4g, but about 50% of the time (whether I'm texting, calling or going online) I get this error message "Alert, your phone is not eligible for this service", an 800 number to call and 'error message #220'. I can close out that popup and proceed with whatever I'm doing, but it's a real nuisance.

    The 800 number if of course Verizon, and they won't talk to me, told me to call pp. After speaking with 4 different people at pp, they reset my phone somehow and the messages went away for about five minutes, then came back.

    Does anyone have any idea on how I can get rid of these error messages? PP is not going to/able to help me. I love my new big phone and want it to work without that constant bother.

    Thanks in advance for ANY help you can give me!

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    Simple cause. Some Verizon app on the phone is trying to phone home. You're using verizon towers but don't actually have a verizon account. When that app can't authenticate, it throws an error. To fix, root the phone and disable all the verizon apps.

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